So just on way home from work. Yes I’m getting exited by the little lights . But just wanted say will need do little vid I thought of tomarrow just cos the light and cos nt sure if my printer is working . But will be exiteing cos I’m exited lol. The joys

So on tuesdays I will discos what I’m doing carrier ways to get what I want other words. I actualy have an exiting thing happening as my dad sugested I should start my own web page cos well let’s face it everything happens on the net now so this is what I gona do . I’m thinking about opening a little shop selling weird stuff printed things that normal shops dnt sell stuff that weird people like my self would love . So this will kind be my summer project just to get started . Need list things I could sell get screens etc etc and well get started kind thought if I have an online shop then it be no wories if do need to relocate etc . And to kind gain some sort expierence in the printing field I will try get some sort internship in some print shop just like go there once a week or something purely for expierence needs and something I could add on my cv. And its kind helpfull that uni is almost over so will hav plenty time to think these things tru and see where I can go with this .

sorry for no tuesday

So sorry about no tuesday just some things were on my mind and it was generaly a shit day notting was working right now on way to uni again be me till like monday when itS giving in day etc and I have lost my rail card tOo just wtf is happening with me geting clumzy unorganized feel terible everythings getting to me. And as per usual hav tragic look wednesday . Seems to become usual every wednesday thing wich as u can see is def not helping . Nt happy