Just sitting out on the step in the lovely evening sun with clockwork orange on the screen and trying sort my book for next monday so that’s done . Feels lots lots warmer and nicer here than inside . Think gona finaly do bit crafts vide on bit too here out in the sun cos so nice

Good morning . Feel so tired slept till like 1200 nt really my kind thing cos even on days off I get up at like 11 max but duno just needed a good ly in and be continueing it all day today lol its my day off just still feels like everything getting to my brain bitt better now tho at least can think bit straighter now so nt to bad . Be making some bits and bobs too today lol no outfit of the week tho cos well legings and tshirt nt great look lol still looking like the freak I am haha I mean look at my hair zig zags and everything haha.