Today was looking at this picture of my self. It was made as part of making the wig I’m wearing. It seems to have some sort of religious feel to it so I thought for my saturdays weird subject could be goths and religions . Well let’s face it looking bit out of the ordinary stereotips can catch negative attention specialy from negative people of all kind religions . And yes being a goth I hav got it all satanist ur going to hell bla bla bla . Honestly most goths r cristians and take the religion as part of their being . My self I dnt believe god and it does not make me any les goth than I am . Its just my choice of life . Religions have been. In some sence intrest to me cos I like how some thing that comes in some1s mind can takes ov er peoples lifes that they even forget their families and most of all them selfs. A sence of destruction. My life style ways as learned more I descovered that I do live a pagan life style in some ways doing things that u enjoy and make ur self u and be wht u want to be rather than be caved in by rulles of a book . Do think its every1s own choce to what or who to believe and no1 should be patronised about their life style or just by the way you look . So back to subject . Like said goths r people too lol and have their choice in religion .

Surely living in the past it seemed that people care more about simply surviving. Where now every need things too . And it seem to degrade people to level lower than low to get these things. Welcome to depression. Let’s earn money by doing notting lol I wish obviously but yet stuck in work that I hate only for 1 reason cos need wear an uniform and well cos get paid less than every1 cos havnt reached the magic age of 21 just another reason y to despise the world we live in , hell yeah this is negative cos bit sick of well trying be positive and incorige every1 etc so f that