best thing of past week

Must say best thing about past week must be the buying of train tics to larkhall today for end of june . Finaly get see my boyfriend again been forever ago since last seen him. And this time will be special as be celebrating our 3 years together in some way can’t believe it have been so long now . I know we dnt see each other as much as we should as long distance but love him to bits. And so can’t wait to see him again. So def def the best thinb about this week . Plus once again be celebrating my name day in scotland too . Prob with breakfast and generaly eating all day lol . But think def should at least go runing for few times wile there . So will be a good one hehe

need be done


so as finding out that people cant get student loan for masters degree that i kind want to do after 2 more years in uni now im more determined to do and get a bussines started. place wher people can buy them weird fucked up things that for alk the obvious reasons can not buy anywhere else lol i fo feel really determined to make this happen.  so next week im finishing uni.  maybe make little trip to chinese place to celebrate and stuff my face lol and be free meaning can at day time work on it and at evening happily do my evening job.  and hopefully lounch it soon.