Totaly forgot about this little bit that was in glossy box too cos was trying it out today its a prime and create mixing medium by bm beauty. It came in super small 2g pot the full size is 20 and costs 20 pound too but been realy meaning to try the mediums out specialy for sumer time with make up melting in sun and stuff tried it out as liner is prety good to mix witht the eyeshadow still to try as prime but that’s what tomarow is for

So its that time of month again.. The glossy box is here . No vid once again so nt good with the vlog thing . But a blog about it tho . So let’s get started . I felt realy realy exited when got this box lots good bits that I was on way buying anyway .first thing that saw was spf 50+ dry tuch gel cream and believ. Me that’s the way forward for that lovely pale skin mmm pale skin plus I realy needed to get 1 anyway as sumer is here and I have no left from last year . This lov ely one is from la roche posay anthelios xl. Like said before spf 50+. It came in full size of 50ml wich yes I’m gratefull for cos was not looking forward of spending over 10 pound just for bottle of this and this costs 16.50 nt to bad but I’m nt to keen on spending the money on stuff like this from time to time yes but nt always lol speaking of that I wud never spend more than 4 pound for mascara and for that I hav glossy box lol this time had jelly pong pong fairy lashes mascara full size too and costs 15 pound in shop. Do love this brand it has lots of cute stuff . Found this mascara bit diferent like when u take it off it almost seem like plasticky that u need to like peal off it comes of easily think this be grat for sumer time because the water resistant and think it will make the lashes stick better to my fake ones that I’m into wearing heavely again so will be a good one . Next we have stone beauty body lotion its small sample size full size costs 10 pound .honestly when first took it out the box it seemed a bit homemady not like in bad way. Plus it smells so nice and lemony and it absoves realy quick too . Next there is nail polish by headline colors. Nr 083 its like a gold color think it be great as acents on the black does need quite few layers but does look really nice and fancy in way .and last thing was by glossybox looks like little match box but its actualy little mini nail files perfect for bag for amergensies 🙂 . Def can’t wait for next box . Well worth the money

Finaly arived. My beautiful business card case with henry rolins quote “strenght is the product of struggle, you must do what others don’t to achieve what others won’t”. I do find the quote realy inspireing and I thought for business card case cover its perfect . Just another little step forward the bussiness plan. Woop . Well pleased

best way to deal with pain at day after work out

After over 10 years of doing martial arts I hav learn some bits and bobs of how to deal with the muscle pain the day after the work out specialy if its been a bit heavy or I have had bit time off . I know that the muscles can be so painfull at time that u just dnt want to move out ur bed at morning but its def def the worst thing one could do is to stay still next day . For me its always just get up and try get on with the day and soon the pain in the muscles wears off insted if I stay in bed just for that bit longer or worse spend the day around sitting areas it feels that I couldn’t even manage the 5 steps to go to the toilet and even worse if have to go down the stairs . I hav never been a tablet person and prob never will be so try to find other ways to deal with things like this . But for sure never ever stay lying down or siting down for too long if ur muscles r tired the next day cos the will be overly relaxed and will hurt even more . But if its 1 them really bad ones just try some heat based lotions or creams they relax the muscles and ur good to go again 🙂