trying out mohawk for realy long hair?

Just trying out making something resembling mohawk of my mega long hair . As have my sides shawed its kind of easier to make it but the lenght of my hair is pain but I’m trying it and getting there and will post up little vid of it at some point this week so keep look out woop

lets get pretty with w7

Just wanted share little bits I got yestrday. There is this little make up shop in bullwell in nottingham and its good brands good quality etc I love this brand w7 its usualy really cheep but good I hav had some eyelashes from them and I got some yestrday toothese ones have like white dot thing going on but be taking them off as well nt really that kind person lol and as was runing out my eyeshadow got this perfect eyes eyeshadow by w7 too its really color consistent and powdery but still as solid so be perfect for makeing that face all pretty haha