best thing of the past week

Must say last weeks best thing is me deciding on what be best thing to do and we’ll feels so obvious now like how cud I nt see it before .underwear it is for me all about it and see where it takes me . And well this will be my storry of how when where and why haha so good

the bussiness

you know i think i willl gona do it , it will be great an underwear shop botique or call it howw ever you want but i want make it happen it be great and it will let me earnsomething too meaning that in spare time i can do my art work study or whatever the hell i want and if the earnings are good i might even open a little shop too it be brilliant. im really exited about it and as cant do training at moment cos my f ed up sholder ill spend it doing some research of what id need in the shop etc . so good. one thing tho. the name .. as first thought id call it disspossable, but u know nt to apieling it be great for a lots diff bits shop but not for sexy undies shop lol