june glossy box .

Just thought I share the joys of this months glossy box. Honestly bit dissapointment.. Let’s start with 1 thing that’s missing from the pic as my beloved mum totaly stole it lol . Its lengtening mascara by gosh . When put on u can actualy see the lashes looking lots bigger etc and says on pack to that it garantees longer lashes in 2 weeks but 1 thing that put me off it as had problems geting it off my face lol yet my mum says its amazing so gues it depends how much u put on or something . But does gives u impression on lots longer lashes .so next . Oh ment say all the items in this box were full size so pretty good . Next and the biges item in the box is 200ml tube of volume boost conditioner by organic surge . I think this could be a good try out as well ha ving super long hair they are pretty heavy and kind makes it all flat in the head so valume now is the thing I’m looking for. It smells really minty and lemony and overall could be something new . Next . Is an hand and nail cream by monu spa cream seems really soft and gental on skin and seems like absorbes realy quickly too so dry skin people like me always apriciated . But nivea is still my favorite haha . Next we have cherry blossom lip balm by figs and rouge at start when I just glanced at it I was esxited about it but then I discovered that u need use ur finger to actualy put the stuff on . I hate lip balms like that same with them pot ones . So nt sure if be using this or not it does make lips soft and gives bit gloss too but the finger thing is putting me off so might be in my giving to friends pile together withthis nail polish by mememe honestly never seen more uglyer color in my life lol I like out there stuff better than natural tones so showed it to frienf of mine and she said she likes it so no nature to me lol