So I been thinking u know its summer etc so maybe should try out bring bit of cheer in joy in the mopey life of a goth kid lol not like going complitely crazy with no make up or no black lol dear god pigs will fly before I do that but think bit of color will do so giving my self bit of chalange to do it . Obvious will be filming it and posting it up on my youtube chanel to get it going will need post up the posting the vids as still no charger arived but soon as it arives thers litle diy to go on and these be posted too . Wich is why kind didn’t do any crafts yestrday as can’t get it filmed and edited etc but soon to happen so keep in tuch 😉

Seems like it have been forever since done any kind of art work so thought I really really should plan something for tomarrow . I did do bit of crafts last week and still bit to put out on youtube but as I’m without laptop and my dads laptop needs new charger I can’t get to edit them as hate the funky programs on my tab so that’s that but will try do some arty things as my etsy really really needs updating and my brain need get bit more creative than it is now cos feels like I just hav let go and been too bussy with my bf blog and work and just the heat. Feels I’m just making lame excuses but let’s face it all of us sometimes do it I just blame the weather on it as always lol its the moon . But def need get something done tomarrow . Otherways no swEeties for me haha

Still being stressed out about the swim suit wearing later on this month when will be in latvia and will hav chance to go to the beach. When was in scotland I decided that when get back ill exersise everyday etc etc which well clearly isn’t happening cos its to warm and I just dnt want to move pure and simple so I thought of better way I cud be losing weight but still doing and eating most things I like . So its pure and simple no more sweeties . It is bit hard specialy if ur sweety lover like my self where at some points it just seems it candy I eat all day so I thought if I dich the sweets and let the pounds drop. Been going sweet free for just over a week and must say 2 cms off my waist and I’m back to magical 66cms but my legs still need lots work so no sweeties for me do sugest try this if u want to lose bit weight without actualy trying 🙂

So wile being out and about today was pressured in to buying new perfume. As always being fan of dior I primary buy only dior perfumes I dnt buy then that often as even little bottles seem to last forever . Today I bought dior adict . The new one . Some time ago I had the original one too definitely lots lots diferent than the one I got today. I got the sweet version of the perfume or the pink one . As always have been fan of the sweet sents . The 50 ml bottle cost me 52 pounds in boots . And I got a little mini set as a gift for it it consisted with a mini lipstick in nr 578 it looks pretty bright red but when put on it was lots more lighter and a little mini bottle of 1 the other dior addict perfumes it seemed more sour sented . Well happy about this unexpected buy but think it is well worth the money as the perfume stays on long meaning that there is no need to respray for long time. And well let’s face it its dior hehe u can’t be a ucg without ur dior lol

the heat is killing it

Its official the heat is here and killing me . Rosting me slowly in my own bed . Yeah that sounded wrong lol but yeah hav spent last day just lying there and nt moving had my laugh too tho as had go lock up and had just crop top on with my almost there great abbs look walked past some chuby girls u know nt the nice kind ones that take care of them selfs but the funky people 1s and did felt pretty that moment kind low too as of the whole idea lol but hey I hav no life so y nt . But from next week well tecknicly today be going back to my bloging timetable and get rolling a bit more . Oh posted some bits on youtobe today too as had bit time to film besides just dieing from heat . So I will keep in tuch and write soon as . 🙂 till then. Find me on youtube @ darkprincess7896 tnx


Hello world, am pretty much just returned from lovely 2 weeks in scotland with my even lovelyer boyfrind it been forever sinc posted as been to bussy to do so so sorry about that but some people comes befor it lol but ill be getting back to it from tomarrow well tecknickly today cos its like middle of the night . The joys but I’m thinking about actualy spending mor time on it and stuff from now on so see how it goes . Oh and other exiting thing for me is that I gona get my uni results tomaro for finishing my first year so be exiting posts lol yeah right but hey dnt forget me