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the heat is killing it

Its official the heat is here and killing me . Rosting me slowly in my own bed . Yeah that sounded wrong lol but yeah hav spent last day just lying there and nt moving had my laugh too tho as had go lock up and had just crop top on with my almost there great abbs look walked past some chuby girls u know nt the nice kind ones that take care of them selfs but the funky people 1s and did felt pretty that moment kind low too as of the whole idea lol but hey I hav no life so y nt . But from next week well tecknicly today be going back to my bloging timetable and get rolling a bit more . Oh posted some bits on youtobe today too as had bit time to film besides just dieing from heat . So I will keep in tuch and write soon as . šŸ™‚ till then. Find me on youtube @ darkprincess7896 tnx

About disspossable

a full time goth and full time art student with obvious plenty time to kill to blog about nonsence that noone wants to talk about.

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