better life

since went to latvia i feel like i had chance to think trough things that are happening in my life and in some sense look at them from different point and u know actually see the bad bits and the good not all mixed in big bobble called life . (keep getting distracted from writing this as think can smell gas.. nt good sign) so i decided i need work on the good stuff and make it even better ,u know make that one day list actually happen. become a somebody, a real person. so i thought i should start by sorting my self. work on my beauty routine health and fitness. as if one feels happy can make the rest the things go good too . first thing to do is well make a plan . bit by bit . yeah not every one make a plan to make a plan lol but thats erm my plan? and sort everything bit by bit and get that better life every one dreams of but not just as dreams but as my life 🙂


as received my august glossy box and things were looking up in my bank account lol i thought i check out what other beauty boxes there are . so i came across the birch box seemed ok so see what comes out of it . price ways its same as the glossy box 12.95 a month obvious can get cheaper for longer subscriptions but thought for now at least for trying out will do me. left the link on the pic so can see for your self maybe it would suite you too . 🙂