getting my work mojo back

Yesterday impossible happened and I kind got my creative side going again. How? Well as still am in kind trying to sort things around me mood I found some old tattoo mags and just kind flicked tru them thinking how amazing the artwork looks and it kind of clicked in my mind and I started to think about what projects ill be starting in uni etc etc . And I thought I shud just do what ever I like so I started perversions and other vital human needs. Where I gona explore my damaged side of mind and see where it gets me . 🙂 . Plus posted this pic on twitter and it instantly was retweeted by adults only site so thought I’m on the right track lol .

my twitter

Wile was in latvia bored at night time when every1 was sleeping I created a twitter account . So another way to get my nonsence about . I havnt got into the swing of it and still bit confusing to me but I’m getting there . 🙂 find me at @disspossable .