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hate mail resolvement

Like said in one of the posts before that I gona write an email to the main guys of dominos of how my meneger acts etc and about 2 dudes discosing how I look and 1 them telling my mum that my bra is too high. And in sence never though it could come ot as a sexual asult . But guy comenting on my underwear almost lost his job as in uk every 1 takes it super serious on sexual offences bullying and stuff like that wich in my case worked well for me. But he got away with an official warning as its first time something like that happens. But yeah guy was like little angel towards every girl in the building lol . Think he just kind imagened too much of him self and think what hurt him more is that a woman took him down like this lol briliant. Mum was there when the meneger told him all this as both them were called in to talk about what I hav said and is it true and she says u cud see panic in his face as he cud hav lost the work place as he is 1 the people who move to dif country and don’t bother learning the language so if he hav had lost his place guy would have been in big big troble but honestly he needed get told straight that this is not f ing latvia where things like this do not get noticed .

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