day 1 : 30 day challenge

For first day of my challenge I decided go with something simple back to basics and go with my love of color and grids. This did came out as 2 day thing as can’t find ink that want go over with a bit the pencil scribles so think going good so far. Know notting amazing but damn never thought coloring in squeres with pencils can take that long tho

30 day challenge

Yestrday with my lovely friends help decided what 30 day challenge I will take on. And it is in some sence the most obvious one and its do 1 drawing every day . I know I’m artist to be and I should hav dravings like everywhere with who knows what but I prefer paintings and print making than drawing so its never been my main point . So I thought maybe this could help me get back to creative rutine as like mentioned before its lately been down the hill . So starting tonite for 30 days ill do a drawing a day only alowed tools are pencils and pens and dry drawing media no paints and stuff . So see how it goes should be a good one will get my spirits rolling again

working out tiredness and other nonsence

Saturdays is always my morning training day and its always a torture go to work as never get chance to rest before it. But today started hour early and finished earlyer too meaning I even had hour and haf power nap and it was great for change it was good feel so up to my spirits tonite but geting home now and see food time and see where night takes me nd can start my 30 day chalange too woop