first sketch

Just did a tiny tiny sketch for the spear room just to make it bit more clear how I imagen it make it bit my project for next couple months or so. Made little list of what will need to finish room for walls and for decor . It think it could go good at least make lovely room in end if notting else and just freshen up the place a bit . 🙂 . Just hope it doesn’t cost too much . Even thinking about blasting in a vintage chair or something would be good . Feel very exited about it . 🙂

out fit of the day when u just hate your look

It just feels like 1 them days when u just dnt want to leave the house u just hate it all and u feel like ur outfit totaly reflects that so overly black today with a long sleves crop top from outfiters top shop section, a plain spageti strap top from primark, and pencil skirt (?) From matalan, and my horifieing face on top lol with face deamons totaly killing it lol

I know I just gave up on my 30 day challenge but I am determined to get my art mojo back . So I was sitting here alone in the spear room of the house thinking when I was little kid I wanted be an interior designer as I always wanted a beautifull outstanding house . So I thought why not give my ideas a try and make something out of spear room and make it bedroom slash living area for when 1 of us wants just hang out or there is people visiting I think it be great as have quite few ideas and I’m eve doing some sketches for it too so see how it goes and ill keep the up dates up so people can see and tell me am I doing it good or not lol .

30 day challenge fail..

Been like 3 days now without a drawing a day . Failed early . Just cudnt get my mind around it in some sence tbh it didn’t really exite me enough to actualy do do it every day . As much as I love art I do feel stuck in some no creativity era and I will attemt this chalenge moment uni starts to help me get more done but for now I’m choseing another challenge . Not sure yet but thing I should start today as it is 1st september so I hav full month not some zig zags 🙂 . And try harder this time to actualy acomplish something