f winter i ain wearing a jacket

Ok its cold outside I know the autumn is here but I dnt want wear jacket that ill end up carrying in my hand anyway so just trew on this simple long sleves jumper its warm but nt to warm so if get cold sleves down if to warm sleves up honestly can’t memmber where got it from . Hav shorts on from primark I just costumized them a bit by ripping the bottms off as it just pressed into my chuby legs and just looked too formal I like the formal look but jeans shorts dnt go as formal in any way so now just hav riped off botoms that look pretty cool and goes with all the casual tops and t shirts for every day and uni wear . And obvious some tights as I hav leg isues clearly lol . But now am ready to take on job serch and library. And work after woop 🙂

lets try another 30 day challenge

So been thinking about the 30 day challenge that maybe I just picked a wrong one for this moment in sense it didn’t feel like I wanted to embrace it at all so I thought maybe I should try something bit easyer so I decided do 200 jumps with rope every day for 30 days I think it be easy and it be great start for the 30 day challenges and it wudnt take as much time to do ether so if hav 5 min even if tired I can just get it done with with no hassle. Plus ill get my self bit more active too . Well pleased with this choice than the previous one 🙂

make up try out

Had bit boring night last night so thought I should try out some make up etc so I did and even made little video etc duno when be able to post it up tho as hav it on my tablet and I can’t get it on my laptop to edit as the net is down and other warious bits and bobs but will get it on soon as can . But here is me doing it thought looked pretty good so went with it lol think gona blast it as my todays look lol

that look u have when u just wokE up and need go to post office

This is how much I care about this morning lol. Some primark shorts from mens section cos can’t stand that women ones have fited ends I just like bagy shorts and a primark shirt my mum gave me cos she bought it without trying on and she regreted it moment she put it on so I took it for wearing around house . I own to much primark . Not cool not cool at all .