30 day challenge : day 1

So this is 2nd attempt on the 30 day challenge, I thought this def be a better start as can see that it only took me like 2 minutes so can sqeeze it in any time of the day . So the rule 200 jumps with rope a day . That’s about it give me bit more activity its easy etc etc so yeah . See how goes. But sure be better than 1st challenge 🙂 tried upload a mini video too to see that I’m actualy jumping lol like a crazy person but yeah word press just trows out some error thing so not happening . Will try pics or smaller vid tomarrow . X

It literary feels like the worst day of my life for start just can’t get my head together and then everything just nt going as smooth as planed . But am finaly on train to work. So getting ther . Dnt like that need go by bus back too so just gona kind ride trough it .just feel like want hit some1 tho . Lol never a good sign. Just want some exitement or something something that be like yeah look at this that a life not this nonsence . Even uni just cudnt start like for every 1 else no that’s too fucking much to ask . Jut rrr not happy 😦