big glass of vitamin c but no blood giving

Yeah some plans changed and I won’t be able to go donate blood today will need be moved to start next week but not to worry I’m still gona go its for better cause so must do . I’m just happily stuck at house today def happily as can see in pic not a sign of blue sky its cold and wet so thought def need energy boost with big glass of vitamin c as it is only kind of meds that I use ever yes I’m not into it never been an look at me havnt been ill for over a year now . Well pleased . All tnx to my good old friend vitamin c

no shame ootd

Another classic right here . No shame outfit of the day lol. Just a cartman t shirt my bf got me in charity shop and some primark short shorts I clearly shouldn’t be wearing. Oh and a leather bracelet and tiny star bracelet both from kurt geiger .