freak ootd

Today is a big day as first time ever in my life wearing leggings on the street. Took me a wile to find ones like these because they are loth ticker material and bit more to them. Even little zipeprs. I got it from “studio” cataloge and they literary arived yestrday so thought must try still nt sure is it thing for me or not. I hav my team satan top on my bf got me a wile ago from ebay think if u search team satan t shirt u can still find them . But mind sizes are super small as I’m size 6 in tops and this is size large shirt . And on top have a leather jacket with spikes got it last year from arck or arch can’t member shops name lol its well warm so its for days like today when one just freezes. And prob will have my platforms on for shoes and be me ready for work lol

its all about giving blood

Just got my invite letter in post cos I tried book apointment tru net etc but didn’t happen but they sent me the intro letter anyway some bits are bit stupid for example u can’t give blood if u hav hiv u know that’s kind obvious and u ccant give blood if u think u hav serious desease so I think I’m iLl so I can donate without actualy clearing that I am or not ill with it . Find this bit strange. But u know. So me and my dad decided to head to the clinic at monday morning. They open from 9.20 so just get there for that and be quick out too . Pretty good 🙂 . Still supper exited by it . Plus it be good job to do 🙂