september 2013 glossy box uk . first impressions

The glossybox is here. For start I love the box its in it has union jack over it looks well cool . So the inside . We have some eylure pre glued lashes. Well.. They are super short and I can tell by looking at them now that if I put them on most likely won’t be able to see them.. Not good start . I do like some of the eylure lashes they are good quality etc these peticilur ones cos just over 5 pound . And if u have some weird thinbg against latex they are the ones u are looking for . Next there is full size bottle of toni and guy shine gloss serum. Which is kind what I was looking for for my super dry hair ends so they don’t look fuZzy as they always do . It costs 7.19 . Next there is little perfume sample by elizabeth arden. Untold. I’m nt sure yet if I like the scent or not . It is really sewwt and fresh but nt sure if it be me maybe for some random ocations or maybe just in little bottle shelf lol. Yes I colect little bottles . The full 50 ml bottle costs 48 pound. Next there is dr lip lip balm and honestly nt too impressed it just seems kind dry doesn’t like makes it easy to put on. And makes ur lips feel sticky for long time so nt really up my alley. But it says on card u can literary use it for everything so I think I might try it for something else rather than my dry lips . Full size 11.50 . And last there is be a bombshell onyx eyeliner . Really nice one of the felttip pen things flows really nicely and I’m well looking forward to this as it seems kind dry not too fluidy making it less hasle to wait for it to dry . Not awailable in uk. Costs 14 dollars from their web . Over all think its ok box some goods there but some a bit to suspicious for my liking lol