im not fat im big boned

Ever looked in mirror and thought damn what happened I was so skinny yestrday? That’s literary only way how to explain how I feel about my look today. Just feels that after yestrdays non stop eating I have gained a stone. When I step on scale there is no change but it doesn’t mean it makes me feel any better of my tummy lol in some sence it seems crazy to me cos I put a size 6 shirt on and it fits ok just dunno . Since my lovely best friend sent me a pic of me in beach wearing shorts and bikini top I felt horrofied . And thinking my 30 day jumping challenge is totally not working. Yes I’m still doing it . Mybe I should do sit up or something instead . To work on erm effected areas more . Cos with my super low blood pressure heavy diets are nt my friend so litterary duno. Just will need come up with something that actualy makes a difference .

selling stuff

So finaly sold some my stuff online clearing a big corner . So get some free room for things and stuff . I always try to sell my stuff on as like close ways now lots things are too big for me but still good to wear I just sell them on . As I can get bit pocket money and some1 can actualy get it cheeper and make more use of the things than I would . I always specialy for clothes put a super low price cos it is pure and simple to get them out my house but god the post is killing it its crazy like for tiny shirt that I sell for 50p some poor buyer have to pay almost 3 pound for post its crazy duno y post is killing it so much noone gona use it no more . But like say ebay is great to just pass on ur things cos lot times ill buy used things there cos they cheeper but maybe just not in box or something so in some way feel like give something back . 🙂 . Still like mega pile of mags to list like elle and how it works and national geographic and some random bizzares and stuff . So yeah if u want cheep random stuff be sure to find my page 😉 haha wink wink . @ babybat7896