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food guilt?

To me a very very very serious subject when you have a thin person who enjoys the food and after they have this crazy guilt of having it. I hav that like this morning, I woke up cos dad was shouting that dinner is ready yeah we eat prety early like 1 2 ish. Yes I know I slept too long. He didn’t made anything crazy just some mac and chese I well over did it with chese cos felt like there is more cheese than pasta lol. But I enjoid it it was nice but after felt such guilt cos I had that much specialy now that decided I need lose bit belly . And its allways like that. It does make me wonder somethimes that I dnt have some eating disorder cos of it but I guess can call my self lucky that way . Still makes u feel idiotic cos u even consider thinking that ..

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a full time goth and full time art student with obvious plenty time to kill to blog about nonsence that noone wants to talk about.

2 responses to “food guilt?

  1. Ludivine

    I heard guilt helps gaining weight so it’s better to fully enjoy your meal, anyway once you’ve eaten it there’s not much you can do, so just enjoy. I don’t wish you to have an eating disorder, I know people who have or had one and it ruins your life and your health. Try to be less anxious about food, eat portions of everything (carbs, vegs, fruits, proteins…) and you’ll be fine.

    • Yeah know couple people my self who have had faced the eating trobles . I just dnt know kind feel bit paranoid about the weight and weight gain just weitd thing in my head I can’t get away and in way dnt want to tbh . Cos it does keep me motivated to exersise etc

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