finaly some clearance about uni stuff

Finally on way home and well I was there .. There in the new building . Thought it looks bad from outside . Its even worse in inside no studios are set up so in sence can’t start on studio practical work till actualy they set up there is just 1 nice bit and its the corridor conecting 1 building to the other as its like all glass etc. I’m dreading to see print room as applied to the printing thing so dunno how and what . Just been thinking lately like for next year maybe I should go london. I def want to . But far till then. But now hearing all the bits about what we gona do trough the year in some bits it was yeah that sounds good like finding internship and aplying to open exibitions and stuff but just feels like its more about writing and papers rather than artwork it self which I found kind weird. I thought when 1 goes to studdy art one learns the practical skills of say painting or drawing or what ever else rather than write essays or propsals ar what else not but with out them we can’t even pass the course which is beyondly stupid and in some way makes no sence what so ever. Have my day improved . No. Do I want hide away in a tent made out of blankets like little kid ? Yes.

its sad rainy day :(

There is no other words to it . I hate today . In this small period of time sinc I left house I got offered a date , drugs, I made friends with dog, had breakfast , got my hair ruined by rain, umbrella more ripped and froze to beyond levels. But hey I’m half way to lincoln. I just dnt like fact its cold. Otherways wouldn’t say I feel tired or anything. Be quickly in uni for the intro thing then see my tutor as wasn’t there yestrday and then quick way trough pound land get some paper and back home to go training and write hate letters about people cos today is just that kind day

good morning world

So I’m up and ready to go for my proper 1st day of uni even havibng 1 these tea biscuits cos I just hated taste in my mouth left by my tooth paste duno just didn’t feel right . So about leave house its properly pooring down rain . Nt good start just hoping it goes well today and I dnt get tottaly lost in the new building. Can’t say that feel tired as had pretty good sleep but been bit stressed yestrday etc that’s y no posts ether but I’m doingwhat need be done