30 day random blog challenge. Day 2: 10 likes and dislikes

So for this day i thought ill do 5 likes and 5 dislikes to kind go with it.
Likes :
1.sweeties (cant go without any lol)
2. Museums (if its a museum ill be in it)
3. High class( in sence that its something i trive for)
4. Body art (every one needs some body modification from piercings and tattos to plastic surgeries to change whole thing.  Find it exiting and interesting)
5. Winter (im totaly winter person some snow and cristmas thats totaly up my alley haha)

6. Slow answer on texts (spevialy if the person txts u first u reply and then they disapier. Not cool)
7. Hats ( if its not going under -15 i aint wearing one)
8. When the earphone wire just doesnt work proper making one earphone work but other not
9. The fact that its hard to think of things that i dislike cos in my life its ether hate or love not like and disslike
10.  The pull bags.  ( u know the ones u travel with they just look gay lol there is no way to look goid with pull bag.  )

Feel like this post day was kind simillar to yestrdays as like facts avout me thing. 

Sorry about delay but just noticed that tablet did not post the post but just saved it.