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finaly a somebody

It was magical lol there was me siting in train back from uni hating the world as per usual mumbling to my self of how I hate the uni and waste money on this nonsence they give me then sudenly I receive an email from one of my tutors saying he remembers that my sketchbooks were good last year and he wants to show them as good example to the 1st year students . in my head I was like boom bitch lol I’m a somebody . Felt and well still feel prety proud my self specialy when never been the good student or even more showed as example to others lol it kind inspired me to tbh like gives me some motivation to actualy do something wich is well pretty cool 🙂 feels nice

About disspossable

a full time goth and full time art student with obvious plenty time to kill to blog about nonsence that noone wants to talk about.

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