all about christmas

so the christmas time is slowly aproaching and as always i can not wait at all.  its my favorite time of the year.  all i wana do is cudle up with some hot chocolate and spend time with people that i love. so this year i thought i could start out with some christmas crafts that are fun and easy to make so everyone can do it.  and embrace the magical christmas spirit as much as i do hehe

new and exiting art pages

as this been my 1 day when i literary done notting art related i thought i finaly sort and list all of my new art links so you can check out all about my work.  must warn the pages are very fresh meaning there is not much on them at the moment but ill be updating things much as i can so i can share all my art adventures so be sure to add me

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i would apriciate your support if you would add me or like me in at least one of the pages as need all the suport i can get. 

thank you 🙂

one more year past need new body aka no food after 7 diet

so in my till 22 plan (will write more about it tommarrow) i have 2 points that involve my looks and well i just wana be skinnyer with better legs so i thougt i try out something new with a no food between 7pm and 7am. cos like diet ways im not really fan of them im more of a eat what ever i want but exersise kind person.  but i thought this seemed pretty straight forward and straight to the point.  plus most of that time i would sleep anyway and there be no before sleep munching like i always do.  and just simply stick to drinks.  i think this could go good i thought give it couple weeks see how it goes and if its working then keep it up if not then just try something else 🙂

new 30 day random blog challenge. +day 1

as thought the previous 30 day challenge was great at end it did went bit of the tracks but im ready for another one lol as im a grown up now i can actually do things as planed lol.  so i picked this as my challenge guide

seems pretty straight forward so lets get going and make today day number 1.
the person you like and why you like them

hmmm lets see not sure how its ment is its someone i like in a romantic way or as a friend or as just someone out there?  i gona go with someone i like as a person i look up to as done plenty about the person i like well love romantickly so tecnickly cant say i like him  . so person that i like is good old dali. yeah i know hes dead but his spirit and art lives on and honestly guy have been a major major inspiration in my life and he is like  a person i want to be 1 day.  i know i would never be as crazy but then again.  why not. even at moment started reading one of his books my boyfriend got for me its not like a biografy but bit different perspective from this guy who sudnly is trading art etc.  its  called dali & i  by stan lauryssens.  its a briliant book and you should have look out for it 🙂 .

rosols / russian salad/ the salad thing recepie

well i call it the salad thing lol and honestly this is the best food ever and i could not live without it.  there is like million different variations for this  . this is just way i do it and the way i like it the best. 

you will need:
6 medium to large potattos
about 0.5kg of the soft sosage or if you prefear smoked ham
2-3 medium eggs
4 small gerkins
half of a cucumber
1medium apple (preferably not green)
salt and pepper

all you need to do : boill the potatos with skins as its easier to chop them later. when boiled leave them to cool down.
at same time hard boil the eggs and leave them to cool too. when its all cooled slice everything up in small small pieces and mix everything up.  add some mayo, as much as you like i usualy put so much mayo that it kind of covers everything when mix it up.  then pinch of salt and peper if want. and give it a good mix and done.

easy as that 🙂

it is literary the best food ever i do sugest to try it.  no celebration is celebration without salad thing. lol

work on the spear room -walls

moving on on the walls i thought they are pretty good condition but like there is just like some bits where i have had paint on them or something so i thought i make them a bit more textured and generally bit better looking i thought ill just sponge them over.  as one of the walls will be covered with postcards i left it as it is.  so for this i just got this round funky sponge from a discount store

and the paint that i used is same color as the walls were to start with.  blossom white once again dulux

i just shook the pot a bit and then mixed it up with a stick so its nice and even as it been sittting fir a wile

and just simply start diping the sponge in paint and put i on the wall


i think it gives wall a tiny bit of texture.  i think this would look great too going over with multiple colors.

remember after finishing if you dont use gloves then wash the emulsion off with some warm watter and soap and use some hand cream as emulsion will make your hand ssupper dry

start on the spear room – celling

so i have finnaly finally started in the spear room as this is how im doing it  celling first –

so this is quick kind look of the room.  it is just 1 corner mainly for showing the celling porpuses. as you can see the room was tottaly emptied and all the lights have been taken down.  dont forget to tape down the wires to avoid electric shock. 

next a beautifull look of my self lol.  just say always always cover the hair especialy if painting celling cos that stuff flys right into your hair and its rips everything out and it aint a good look. 

for celling ill be using the jasmine white by dulux.  its the same color i used at the very very start.  always love dulux its good quality stuff not too pricey ither plus i love that like in homebase and like b&q they can mix u up all these magical colors its like heaven land for me lol.  but moving on.  i just got the set of roller from wilkinsons cos well its cheeper than buying just rooll bits them selfs. for celling i think its great to use like 1 the long handled ones but as i broke the one i had i had to stick to the short one and stand on bench like this. ..

in other words dont use chair like this.  its very very very unsafe lol but well we dont really have chairs period so this had to do. 

then just mix up the paint with some stick 

and get rolling. 

in end i did end up bring in a light as it is fall time in the end so gets dark quickly meaning one cant see what one is doing.  but i did finished it and looks lots better as there seemed to be some weird dark lines where now its all nice and in one color.