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rosols / russian salad/ the salad thing recepie

well i call it the salad thing lol and honestly this is the best food ever and i could not live without it.  there is like million different variations for this  . this is just way i do it and the way i like it the best. 

you will need:
6 medium to large potattos
about 0.5kg of the soft sosage or if you prefear smoked ham
2-3 medium eggs
4 small gerkins
half of a cucumber
1medium apple (preferably not green)
salt and pepper

all you need to do : boill the potatos with skins as its easier to chop them later. when boiled leave them to cool down.
at same time hard boil the eggs and leave them to cool too. when its all cooled slice everything up in small small pieces and mix everything up.  add some mayo, as much as you like i usualy put so much mayo that it kind of covers everything when mix it up.  then pinch of salt and peper if want. and give it a good mix and done.

easy as that 🙂

it is literary the best food ever i do sugest to try it.  no celebration is celebration without salad thing. lol

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