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start on the spear room – celling

so i have finnaly finally started in the spear room as this is how im doing it  celling first –

so this is quick kind look of the room.  it is just 1 corner mainly for showing the celling porpuses. as you can see the room was tottaly emptied and all the lights have been taken down.  dont forget to tape down the wires to avoid electric shock. 

next a beautifull look of my self lol.  just say always always cover the hair especialy if painting celling cos that stuff flys right into your hair and its rips everything out and it aint a good look. 

for celling ill be using the jasmine white by dulux.  its the same color i used at the very very start.  always love dulux its good quality stuff not too pricey ither plus i love that like in homebase and like b&q they can mix u up all these magical colors its like heaven land for me lol.  but moving on.  i just got the set of roller from wilkinsons cos well its cheeper than buying just rooll bits them selfs. for celling i think its great to use like 1 the long handled ones but as i broke the one i had i had to stick to the short one and stand on bench like this. ..

in other words dont use chair like this.  its very very very unsafe lol but well we dont really have chairs period so this had to do. 

then just mix up the paint with some stick 

and get rolling. 

in end i did end up bring in a light as it is fall time in the end so gets dark quickly meaning one cant see what one is doing.  but i did finished it and looks lots better as there seemed to be some weird dark lines where now its all nice and in one color.

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