get ur bestfirend to do exersizes with you

So I convinced my lovely friend here to do little exercise challenge with me . Cos then u feel like u have some sort of responsibility to do the exercises cos u know the other person is do ing it . So we decided that our bad areas are our legs and bums and they need bit toning up so we have little challenge to do squats every day starting from 20 going up to 200 doing 10 more every day . We just done our day of 90 and it feels good . Team work lol. I think its great stimulation to have other person doing it too . And u know u just kind know some1 out there is hurting as much as you are lol. It doesn’t get better . 😉

tired like my kitty cat here

Been such good day today have lots done in uni and came home and started on ny new work out plan too well as we all know the first days are the toughest but worth it lol. Ill post a plan for my every day up for all following week so maybe give you some ideas so your joining me against lazy but cheeks like fat cat haha