monday work out

so i finaly started on my work out plan yesterday it seemed easy enough and i thought i finaly share it with u.  i made it mainly for my legs because thats the main area that i want to improve.  its very basic exersizes that i do at home in my own bedroom dont need any equipment than ur self and a floor to stand on lol ao here is monday work out.  yes i know its tuesday today but i wanted to try it out first before i talk about it. 

1. 100 squats

ithis is just like a basic start jut to warm  up.  100 a minimum.  i will do these every day of the week as the base. 

2.200 jumps with a rope or star jumps

this is agai just to get bit cardio in there.  i decided that if i dont have rope awailable or i dnt want go outside in the cold i can just do star jumps instead giving me similar kind of effect

3. 30 sumo squats or wide leg squats

rest of the exersizes will be on count of 30 just to not over do it. decided to add some sumo squats to my normal squats too because i need them mega thigts gone lol

4. on back leg lifts in air.  30 times

i have not a clue how this is called profesionaly thats why couldnt even find a proper image to show you.  but what it is u take the position thats in the picture but away from the wall and all u do is just push your backside in the air and lover and repeat. 

5. on knees leg lifts up in air. 30 with each leg

once again this is for the bum cheeks just tone them up  and give them a nice shape.  you can do it standing on ur palms too not on the arm like show  in the picture. what ever is easyer for u. 

6. on knees straight leg lifts.  30 each leg

for extra movement you can add liftong the oposite arm too but as i want only the leg work i streced out the leg and lifted it up and down 30 times

7. on the back lifting bum 30 times

for the last exersize i chosed this to give that extra work out for the backside it self.  just repeat 30 times.

to add to this if i have chance to do any extra activities i tottaly jump in it and have this as a mini evening work out.  must say i dont feel any musle pain or anything today wich does make me feel that its not enough so i might add abit to the numbers for next week