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first day of volunteering and ootd

so yesterday finally finally was my first day volunteering in the museum if nottingham life

obviously first thing to me was what i gona look like cos u know how people are with strange looking people like my self and its like work enviroment i did needed turn my look down a bit.  and by that i mean turning down make up bad time.  not so much the clothes.  i ended up wearing this very casual looking dress from new look and some tights from primark.  and i did stuck to my demonia platforms and a coat cos well it is voluntary your doing work for free obvious they cant really dictate anything. 

plus when your actualy working there you need wear an shirt that states that your the volunteer and yiur happy to help lol.  god i hate uniforms but what can you do.  if you want it on your cv you need work for it.  plus i just thought it could be something different.  if notting else it will give me some expierence and keep me bussy.  plus free entry in the castle.  lol what more could i want. 

so i arived here at like the main building of the mini museum.  cos it is really small but it has some really cool stuff there. 

this will be the main area where i will be volunteering. so i arived right as the lady who i was ment to find walked trough the door too so good timing i thought lol.  she took me around for tour just so i see whats what i instantly fell in love in the chemists room.  its magical it has all these little bottles and stuff and um like i would put that in my shelf lol.  i will get some pics and stuff as i go along just u know whanted look like smartass at first day without pulling my phone out to take pictures lol.  but i will.  when she was taking me around for tour she took me to this ither building too

its like a side bit.  and well she like showing me around just 2 rooms there and im like whats upstairs and she like the meneger guy lives on bith top floors. im like you joking? she like no no.  i was thinking oh i wish i could land a house like this its amazing i mean guy litterary lives in the museum lol. 
after the tour she left me stay for like an hour just so i can have better look around and chat with people etc.  well i kind ended up talking to this really old lady she was awsome lol talked away.  and that was about it. so now just need email back to the main person saying i had intro and im ready to go.  well pleased. feel like be super easy.  🙂

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