me doing tattoos?

so i have attempted to do a tattoo on a person lol.  yes my bf was tiny bit tortured but by his own will lol.  i did little tiny writing on his arm


and a cky (camp kill your self ) on his leg. honestly i was well stressed but i think i didnt do that bad


i honestly kind want give this a go at least some more simple bits etc get some extra pocket money etc.  feel good. 🙂

no shame ootd

Just little no shame outfit of the day . As u can see no face on lol just been home all day so kind didn’t bother . The top is from new look I think and I drew word freak on it . And legings are from lime (long non existent) and finaly fluffy socks from primark . Super simple super comfy and still looking like weirdo. That’s the way to go lol