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saturday work out

as mentioned before i want get back in shape and was casualy sitting about today and i had itch on my belly so i reached under my shirt and i felt a bit of my belly hanging over my trauser line.. well not good. so lets get back to work out and yes i did instantly started working out lol . so this was my work out day .

so for start i had 2h training at my parents karate school as i always have it in saturday mornings . lol here is pic of me trying to look smart during one of the exams when we had a brake lol thats def inspiring work out look



then i did my day 3 of my chalenge which is pretty easy etc and you dnt even sweat doing it but u know at least gets it moving



then finaly going on my proper work out . i started with plank 3 times do it wile counting till 100 or as long as i can . do 1 then relax  for tiny bit and then repeat



next going back to basics did 100 sit ups.



next i did side plank leg lifts 30 each leg. i must say i did had some troble with this a s muscles on my back recently been super tenced again but i did do as much as i could .



next i did leg lifts when on knees. im still not sure how it was called but all you do is get on your knees and lift your leg to the side . i did each leg 30 times. could only find this pic with lifting back the way but you get the idea.



and last but not least 30 sumo squats to get them legs working



this was pretty much my saturday working out i will try keep this up a much as i can to get that body back in shape.  hope this help someone maybe little idea for a work out .

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