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sunday work out

so im trying to get into the swing of working out every day again to get that winter tyre off and look good again.  plus be able to eat what i want lol.  so this was my todays work out. 

as yesterday i started with the challenge.  and im on day 4 now.


next started with warm up with 200 star jumps.


and then good old sit ups they never let us down.  100 of them


to keep that tension on belly going i did plank 3 times, each time count till 60 then relax and repeat.


next a wall stand.  similary to plank i did this 3 times i tried counting till 60 but it felt like i dnt really feel the burn so decided go for 80 instead and then relax and repeat. 


next to get them muscles going again i did this elbow to knee crunch 100 times. 


and last but not least good old leg lifts from on knees position 30 with each leg to work them bum cheeks


i think my sunday work out is kind of all over body one as it is the end of the week etc.  as you notice now and will in rest of the weeks work outs that i will not work on my arms.  its just because they are in good shape with muscle no fat etc so i dnt need improve on them unlike with my bum and legs. 

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a full time goth and full time art student with obvious plenty time to kill to blog about nonsence that noone wants to talk about.

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