my breakfast and my lunch

So it is officialy my first day of trying get back in shape . And must say doing good so far . As I did not buy any munch as I always would have done . Instead I got a large hot chocolate . Wich totaly filled me and cos its so sugary It gives me energy too . Yes I call this breakfast and lunch. In some sense feel that no bread rule gona be bit hard as that’s that kind thing I usualy get for lunch if I’m out and about. So at moment not to sure how I gona go about it . But as this my last day of uni and I’m going on spring brake means I won’t be eating lunches outside as much as for start need save money cos going scotland and 2nd no bread lol . I did got pack of halls just in case I want a sweety . As it would keep my mouth bussy without eating a freaking elephant of sandwiches lol


Just little outfit of the day . I thought ill blast out the long skirt to hopefuly cover my shoes . Must say it didn’t work too well . Lol. But here is weird angle picture of my outfit.
Lacey crop top – primark
Spageti strap top – primark
Long skirt – hmm very very long time ago from next I think
Belt – bought in little goth shop in whitby .