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30 day blogging challeng : day 11

day 11 : 10 favorite foods

so in no peticular order these are 10 of my favorite foods that can just live off without the need of anything else lol

1. the salad thing or rosols or galas salati. 
this is literary my all times favorite.  there is no food better than this. 


2. a good chocolate cake.  obvious must have.  but anything with large contents of chocolate would have same effect


3.  spring rolls. 


4. chicken chow main and other noodle related items.  i jst love chickeny noodles tho.  soo good. 


5. potatos.  of any kind.  owen baked,  on pan, boiled, jacket, mash its all good


6. a good cheeseburger. 


7. salmon. best is raw salted on white bred with butter mmmm


8. freshly baked white bread.  kills insides but is heaven. 


9. water melon


10. own baked chicken.  another heaven on a plate haha


About disspossable

a full time goth and full time art student with obvious plenty time to kill to blog about nonsence that noone wants to talk about.

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