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I have literary no luck work ways. I get work is work and work is needed cos one needs money to spend . I’m not complaining about the actual work I’m complaining about the fact that I’m not on the tomarrows list for people who gona work meaning I shouldn’t be working but if I don’t go I can face the chance that I might get a warning for it . Cos people have got that before which in my eyes is unacceptable. Meaning be paper work leters etc etc . Like I’m not meant to have job where things work properly .

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a full time goth and full time art student with obvious plenty time to kill to blog about nonsence that noone wants to talk about.

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  1. vargles08

    My current job, I have held down for a little over 4 years now and it is the longest I have ever had. Before, it was insanely impossible and having to deal with the dole was making it even harder. They requested so much of your time when you should have been using that time to be looking and applying. It was such a waste of resources and time. I hope you’re doing better lately. If you keep at it, good things will come your way =].

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