getting ready for an interview

finally finally i got a job interview. sadly notting too crazy just a job in a caffe but  would love to get this job. at least im hopeing that i charmed them enought plus they were pleased about my previous kitchen expierence in the dominos. lol never thought that be a good job reference . but job is a job and it would give me money thats all i need lol .

so here is quick video of my make up of the day . very turned down ad not really my liking . but here you go.


as been continuing working on my webpage i thought i keep you all updated with some of the images i been trying to sort out so here is some of the drawings i added

DSCF4594 DSCF4599 DSCF4678 DSCF4723 DSCF4725 DSCF4736 DSCF4737 DSCF4746 DSCF4759 DSCF4762 DSCF4863 DSCF4866 DSCF4875 DSCF4879hopefully my webpage be up online by the end of the week .