30 day blogging challenge day 12

Day 12: photo of something you love

Think 1 thing I love for sure is animals. Always have and always will. I mean how can one not love the fluffy little things. Just so cute. Plus I still really really want a rat. But with 7 cats dnt think its the way to go lol . At least have my rat in a jar . He’s a cutie too.

30 day blogging challenge : day 12

day 12: your favorite childhood book

well when i was little i didnt really had favorite book book i was more of a picture book oerson.  yes i do read from time to time but usual not fiction books. and when i was little i loved books with grand magical pictures.  i remember my mum bought me these magical fairie books i can not member how they were called but i member they were about a4 size when not opend and it had this beautiful drawings of faries and like adventures and stuff i always used just look tru them not even reading the things i do wish i still had them but as we moved to uk my kids books were the main things that i left behind sadly but had no choice. but yeah i was a magical picture book child lol


30 day random blog challenge day 12 . shot of your desktop

Well.. I dnt have a laptop at moment so I’m strictly on my tab at moment so here is bad snap pic of it lol sorry just kind lazy day even to lazy to turn the bluetooth on lol. I know I know its bad. But here it is . I have like a devil pic on the back. As its galaxy etc u have like 5 screens I thought I should go with the main screen or the screen nr 3. We’ll the obvious is there the clock . I like a big clock that u see , then the weather app. Shows the weather is couple main places (nottingham, london, lincoln, ashgill and riga) then there is ap mobile like a news main stories kind bit u know just keep me updated for this kind same purpose have the nasa app plus I’m absolutely inlove with the pics. Then the wowcher app well to get the cheep things , then there is couple games angry gran , angry birds starwars 2 and the cheet thing for it and the game that I’m now crazy about is zombie smasher well u smash zombies its crazy you should try it . I have like million more apps on the thing kind usualy try keep them categorized but as my bf got his hands on it its a bit zig zagy haha