30 day blogging challenge day 19

Day 19: your favorite movie

Favorite films changes all the time for me if I’m honest. I can’t really have 1 favorite film as there is lots of films that I could watch again and again. But at moment my favorite film is Bronson. My boyfriend actually introduced me to this film and I liked it ever since and from time to time I rewach it. Plus it has tom hardy in it . Lol we like him. But do sugest to have a watch of it it is a bit weird but its great watch .

30 day random blog challenge day 19: list places where you have lived

So this is pretty easy as well there is only 2 places where I have permanently lived .
1. Riga the capital city of latvia . Yes its in europe lol I was born there and lived first 14 years of my life there
2. Nottingham, england, uk. Moved here with my parents and sadly still stuck here but london always motivates me to trive for it . Even just a tiny bit .

Here is beautiful picture of the castle and view of the river and city centre of riga . Do miss its beauty .