november glossybox first impressions 2013

The new glossy box is here ! November 2013 . Quick note before review there was 3 vichy creams I gave 1 away to a friend . Ok let’s start with the vichy serum. Its pretty much a cream u put on your pretty face before you put your moisturising cream on just to give it that extra bit . I tried it out thought it was great I needed just tiny bit to cover the whole face and face instantly felt nicer to touch . in box you got 3 sample size packs with 3ml in each I thought it was pretty good specially when full size bottle costs 29.50 for 30ml. Next we have emite make up eye shadow in color nect (I think) its really light shiny color I would say its more for highlights than actually using as all over eye thing unless you are totally into the natural look. As as we all know I’m not . Plus I can’t really use. It as highlighter too as my face and over all skin is very pale so I dnt really highlight bits everything is colored over lol. I tried it out tho and it seemed so nice almost a creamy feel, very shimery. It came in full size and you can buy it online for 16.80. Next there is yves rocher france hand cream with cocoa and pistachio nut scent. It smells amazing . Absorbs nt so good tho it is towards the oily kind cream but as we know them ones are usually better for the super dry hands like mine. This 1 came is full size and costs 1.95 . Since started ordering the glossy box I noticed that the hand creams is like a must cos its almost every time there . Anyhow moving on. Next is elegant touch rapid dry for nails. Honestly since now I never before seen a nail drying think like this as usually it comes as normal bottle like another layer of the polish but this is a spray . Like magic haha . I just spraid it on my nails and must say I instantly noticed 1 thing I might not like and its oiliness like its there to work with around the nail too so I’m not to sure about it . And you can get this full size spray bottle for 3 pound . I guess for 3 pounds can’t really ask much more . Last but not least we have this beautiful dark blue nail polish by b. Its in 180 midnight and well blue is the main tone in my nail polish box so this was like yeah love it instantly. And you can buy it for 4.99. I usually dnt want pay that much for nail polishes so I always like finding the polishes in the beauty boxes. I do like this months box . Definitely look forward to using the nail polish and the serum and see how goes with rest .

birchbox october 2013 review and first impressions

Birchbox finally finally arived , took a wile this time but its here and looks pretty good :). So what’s there? First we have laura mercier foundation primer radiance I just tried it out a bit and when first opened the tube I was like damn that’s to dark as it has little tone to it but when tried it on my hand it tottaly blended in and you couldn’t even tell anything is there same it absorbed very quickly so am well exited actualy trying it under make up as still no find for good primer . This one full price is 28 pounds . But as u dnt need lots of it to cover whole face . Next is dr. Brandt microdermabrasion skin exfoliant and honestly this is the item I’m most exited about from this box as to deal with my dry face u ment massage it in and wash it off like 2 times a wEek. And once again it smells citrussy seems like all the expensive things are like lemon themed lol. And this one full size is 67 pounds wich is a bit much but no harm trying so who knows . It is a bit like a scrub thing too just hope it doesn’t burn my skin. Next. Kms california curl up wave foam mousse. Well this is totaly out of my alley. Lol I’m a paranoid straight hair girl no curls for me but it has realy nice fruity smell and quite thick texture to it so might be nice I will hav look out for 1 for straight hair. Full price 15 pound. Next the balm cosmetics stainiac lip and cheek tint. Once again I’m fooled by the color that shows when its in the bottle. As it looks pure deep red like yeah look at that red but no its like light pink color. When u put on. In my eyes its like why put it on if u can’t even see specialy on my red face lol. Quite tick texture . But not for me. Full price 10 pound. Next a bit dissapointment as this was in the previous birchbox its dr lipp nipple balm for lips. Basickly u can use it for everything and it works really nice but even this tiny tiny pot goes for ever so might be good investment . Full 11.50 . Next a lifestyle extra. Ultradex. Full size from 5.49. Basicky its for ur teeth to help keep the inbetween bits cleen etc . Never actualy tried these things so they bit funky looking as stick with more traditional things lol but do want try them despite the freaky look lol. And last but not least beauty extra. Egyptian magic. Full price 29 pounds. Its a multi purpuse cream. As u take tiny bit rub it in ur hands till it turns into oil and ur good to wipe it on anywhere u want. I decided take all 3 mini packs with me for when go scotland next week . Giving me more space in bag . :). As have birchbox for wile now and I think its lots lots lots better than glossy box as feel like I get more for the same money etc and the products seem more use to me .

glossybox is here ! october 2013

So the glossy box finaly here in a really wet box as the poor post man had walk trough the rain to get to my door . But let’s see what’s there . First we have mememe cherubs blush cheek and lip tint . In bottle it looks like a red color but when aplied it is very very pink I do like the tints and like the ones how do u call nt lipsticks but the lip stains cos they stay on so so much better and feels lots softer on my lips and they dnt make the lips as dry ether as lipsticks. Despite me nt liking the pink tone as I always try cover all my pink tones on my face nt put them on I do like this product plus the price is pretty cheep too 5.50 for the 12 ml bottle and feels like this could last long time . Ok next is a perfume sample. And honestly I seen advert for these so many times and I love the add never got chance to actualy sniff it . Its katy perrys killer queen perfume and oh my god it smells like heaven its quite heavy sweet perfume . Just way I like it . And price I think is pretty good too its 29.50 for 50ml. Next is mono illuminating primer. I’m still kind trying find a primer that I like and that doesn’t feel heavy on my face because I never cover my whole face say with foundation and it just feels well heavy on so I’m kind looking forward to trying this I tried tiny bit on my hand it felt bit oily at start but it obsorbed super quickly . It has spf 15 too so always good thing specialy for sensetive skin like mine. It is a bit on high end of students price range in 24.95 for 50 ml . But u know if it works well then y not. Next. Premae. Multi vit smoothie serum. Never actualy seen one like this as u ment put it on before u put on a moisturising cream to like prep ur skin for it . Plus u can mix it with ur foundation and make it like a natural bb cream . Lol its like magic in one bottle plus it smells so so lemony I love this u need just tiny bit to cover all ur face . Well good . And it comes for 22.50 for 50 ml. And last is vita liberta latte illuminating skin finish. There is 3 pascks of this only thing is that its bronzer wich is kind nt the right path way for a ghost like face look lol. So I prob not gona be using them my self . Over all nt bad box quite good cream selection so some new things to try 🙂

birchbox september 2013 uk first impresions

Birchbox is here. Some interesting things here . First thing I noticed is the little box and its reverence de bastein nail polish in bright blue shiny color that I absolutely fell in love with it came full size and originaly costs 16 pound . N15 . I tried just aplly it on 1 nail and it just flows so nicely and just everything u would ever wish for nail polish def am well looking forward to using it properly . Next we have bioderma sebium h2o serum thing. Its basickly for refreshing ur eyes all u do get som cotton pads and put them over ur eyes for haf a minute and then swipe over skin it clenses ur face cleans off all the make up and generaly freshens u up. It made me think of the tonic things u have for just refreshing face . As wear realy heavy eye make up I do like if all the make up comes off at night and u feel the weight come off and just refreshed so I like the idea of this water mix only thing it doesn’t have the niceest smell lol so nt be sitting on my face for long ( well that came out wrong lol) u can get a full size one for 9.99 . I am thinking about if it does make me feel refreshed to get it as am lately conserned about the dark circle of my eyes . Next is modelco party proof lipstic. In kitty. Its like darkish pink lipstick. I am kind into wearing lipstic lately but this tone makes my face just look weird lol like I have mega lips I know for some its the go for thing but I dnt like it . So prob be sending it to some1 else lol. They come in sets of 3 if u like lipsticks and cost 15.50 I think its pretty good price I might see too if there is other tones as it does seem like good quality and stuff just the color dnt go for me . Next is aromatherapthy associates revive body gel full size 31 pound . Its not oily at all . And seems really good. And I notice trough out this box that it has some weird smell theme going trough lol as smell of this gell makes me think of trees and woods and stuff not like in bad way just kind different . I tried it on top of my hand and it absorbed super quickly and made my hand super super soft like it happens infront ur eyes its crazy . And just after tiny bit well well impressed for my lovely dry skin. Then we have another molton brown last month I had a shower gel by them and now its body lotion. Thing I like about this is the strong smells they have and they stay on ur body nt just washes away and fades quickly. This lotion is lot more oily as normal cream stuff but got the smell is heaven but I dnt think I’d pay the 18 poinds for shower gel but the lotion I def would consider. And last . When u apply for the box u need fill like questions about u etc and there is section where u need choce what other things u like to see in box and I picked lifestyle so they sent me some green and blacks chocolate . White. Full pack 2.29 it tasted mmm haha I never tried their white chocolate but tasted amazing but I’m more cheep chock person so duno if be buying more of it . Over all box is great new things to try out 🙂

september 2013 glossy box uk . first impressions

The glossybox is here. For start I love the box its in it has union jack over it looks well cool . So the inside . We have some eylure pre glued lashes. Well.. They are super short and I can tell by looking at them now that if I put them on most likely won’t be able to see them.. Not good start . I do like some of the eylure lashes they are good quality etc these peticilur ones cos just over 5 pound . And if u have some weird thinbg against latex they are the ones u are looking for . Next there is full size bottle of toni and guy shine gloss serum. Which is kind what I was looking for for my super dry hair ends so they don’t look fuZzy as they always do . It costs 7.19 . Next there is little perfume sample by elizabeth arden. Untold. I’m nt sure yet if I like the scent or not . It is really sewwt and fresh but nt sure if it be me maybe for some random ocations or maybe just in little bottle shelf lol. Yes I colect little bottles . The full 50 ml bottle costs 48 pound. Next there is dr lip lip balm and honestly nt too impressed it just seems kind dry doesn’t like makes it easy to put on. And makes ur lips feel sticky for long time so nt really up my alley. But it says on card u can literary use it for everything so I think I might try it for something else rather than my dry lips . Full size 11.50 . And last there is be a bombshell onyx eyeliner . Really nice one of the felttip pen things flows really nicely and I’m well looking forward to this as it seems kind dry not too fluidy making it less hasle to wait for it to dry . Not awailable in uk. Costs 14 dollars from their web . Over all think its ok box some goods there but some a bit to suspicious for my liking lol

So today late in afternoon postman brought my first birchbox. Ok must say this seemed more fuller than the glossy boxes first box. It came with this mini mag and bunch of info cards about the box etc all came in this cute little pouch . So getting into it. First on top was birchboxs own brand gel mask basickly u put it tru night in fridge for it to go cold and put on in morning to take off the puffiness etc it seems like very cooling and stuff but I’m lucky this way that my eyes dnt go puffy in mornings . but maybe for some1 else it be great do think bit over priced as its original price is 10 pound . Next is bluemandarines skinlife energetic. Cellular cream tried it a bit feels so so moisturising on my face and absorbes super quick . And for dry skin its the key thing . The full size tube costs 35 pounds. Next is philip kingsley elasticizer pre shampoo treatment honestly never tried pre shampoo treatments cos its usualy kind after washing hair so this will be my try out for the night does seem promessing and my dry hair notting will do bad lol . Full size 27.50. Next is one thing I was going to buy if nt for this its a primer by gerda spillmann hydro pearls. It is one of them mini tubes but think be bit long lasting as need just little bit to cover all my eyes and as dnt realy use foundation all over my face . so yeah full size for 30 pound honestly bit expensive for my range but dnt mind trying out maybe be best find . Next is realy rich red lip pencil by laqa&co as am not the lipstic person nt to keen on it but the bright color atracts me greatly so maybe be opening new lipstic era for my self . Haha . Full size 14 pound . Next is molton brown ylang ylang body wash . It smells really really nice and refreshing good for try out but honestly wud never spend 18 pounds for a shower gell .cos it seems same as the cheeper brands . And last but nt least is inner me supplement pack it costs 35 pounds for 28 pills . I’m nt much a suppliments person but this one is heavily vitamin based for ur skin nails and hair so could be a nice try and maybe bring something new in my life to help with my dry skin.

june glossy box .

Just thought I share the joys of this months glossy box. Honestly bit dissapointment.. Let’s start with 1 thing that’s missing from the pic as my beloved mum totaly stole it lol . Its lengtening mascara by gosh . When put on u can actualy see the lashes looking lots bigger etc and says on pack to that it garantees longer lashes in 2 weeks but 1 thing that put me off it as had problems geting it off my face lol yet my mum says its amazing so gues it depends how much u put on or something . But does gives u impression on lots longer lashes .so next . Oh ment say all the items in this box were full size so pretty good . Next and the biges item in the box is 200ml tube of volume boost conditioner by organic surge . I think this could be a good try out as well ha ving super long hair they are pretty heavy and kind makes it all flat in the head so valume now is the thing I’m looking for. It smells really minty and lemony and overall could be something new . Next . Is an hand and nail cream by monu spa cream seems really soft and gental on skin and seems like absorbes realy quickly too so dry skin people like me always apriciated . But nivea is still my favorite haha . Next we have cherry blossom lip balm by figs and rouge at start when I just glanced at it I was esxited about it but then I discovered that u need use ur finger to actualy put the stuff on . I hate lip balms like that same with them pot ones . So nt sure if be using this or not it does make lips soft and gives bit gloss too but the finger thing is putting me off so might be in my giving to friends pile together withthis nail polish by mememe honestly never seen more uglyer color in my life lol I like out there stuff better than natural tones so showed it to frienf of mine and she said she likes it so no nature to me lol

So its that time of month again.. The glossy box is here . No vid once again so nt good with the vlog thing . But a blog about it tho . So let’s get started . I felt realy realy exited when got this box lots good bits that I was on way buying anyway .first thing that saw was spf 50+ dry tuch gel cream and believ. Me that’s the way forward for that lovely pale skin mmm pale skin plus I realy needed to get 1 anyway as sumer is here and I have no left from last year . This lov ely one is from la roche posay anthelios xl. Like said before spf 50+. It came in full size of 50ml wich yes I’m gratefull for cos was not looking forward of spending over 10 pound just for bottle of this and this costs 16.50 nt to bad but I’m nt to keen on spending the money on stuff like this from time to time yes but nt always lol speaking of that I wud never spend more than 4 pound for mascara and for that I hav glossy box lol this time had jelly pong pong fairy lashes mascara full size too and costs 15 pound in shop. Do love this brand it has lots of cute stuff . Found this mascara bit diferent like when u take it off it almost seem like plasticky that u need to like peal off it comes of easily think this be grat for sumer time because the water resistant and think it will make the lashes stick better to my fake ones that I’m into wearing heavely again so will be a good one . Next we have stone beauty body lotion its small sample size full size costs 10 pound .honestly when first took it out the box it seemed a bit homemady not like in bad way. Plus it smells so nice and lemony and it absoves realy quick too . Next there is nail polish by headline colors. Nr 083 its like a gold color think it be great as acents on the black does need quite few layers but does look really nice and fancy in way .and last thing was by glossybox looks like little match box but its actualy little mini nail files perfect for bag for amergensies 🙂 . Def can’t wait for next box . Well worth the money