im a good person after all

So finaly finaly went blood donating today . This was my second time and it seem to go lots lots quicker blood actualy floating out of my arm. But must say this time too I have this great feel of just u know actualy going something good and hopefuly helping some one. You should go try it too . For uk check out . Sadly dnt know for other places but sure just google blood donation and something will come up. Know in other places u can get bit cash for iT too . Def good deed of the day 🙂

tired like my kitty cat here

Been such good day today have lots done in uni and came home and started on ny new work out plan too well as we all know the first days are the toughest but worth it lol. Ill post a plan for my every day up for all following week so maybe give you some ideas so your joining me against lazy but cheeks like fat cat haha

one more year past need new body aka no food after 7 diet

so in my till 22 plan (will write more about it tommarrow) i have 2 points that involve my looks and well i just wana be skinnyer with better legs so i thougt i try out something new with a no food between 7pm and 7am. cos like diet ways im not really fan of them im more of a eat what ever i want but exersise kind person.  but i thought this seemed pretty straight forward and straight to the point.  plus most of that time i would sleep anyway and there be no before sleep munching like i always do.  and just simply stick to drinks.  i think this could go good i thought give it couple weeks see how it goes and if its working then keep it up if not then just try something else 🙂

best way to deal with pain at day after work out

After over 10 years of doing martial arts I hav learn some bits and bobs of how to deal with the muscle pain the day after the work out specialy if its been a bit heavy or I have had bit time off . I know that the muscles can be so painfull at time that u just dnt want to move out ur bed at morning but its def def the worst thing one could do is to stay still next day . For me its always just get up and try get on with the day and soon the pain in the muscles wears off insted if I stay in bed just for that bit longer or worse spend the day around sitting areas it feels that I couldn’t even manage the 5 steps to go to the toilet and even worse if have to go down the stairs . I hav never been a tablet person and prob never will be so try to find other ways to deal with things like this . But for sure never ever stay lying down or siting down for too long if ur muscles r tired the next day cos the will be overly relaxed and will hurt even more . But if its 1 them really bad ones just try some heat based lotions or creams they relax the muscles and ur good to go again 🙂