great poetry blog

if you like poetry be sure to check out amazing poetry blog by johnny tourette

genocide of the heart

just little shout out to johnny tourette and his amazing poetry blog so be sure to check it out 😉

oh yes im spaming lol if your nice to me i can spam for u too haha

my new lamp

so finaly finaly im not gona be living in a cave! lol.  my beloved parents got me an amazing bad ass lamp from grandview gallery ( ) and its bloddy perfect.  only thing i need get a white bolb for it so ill be able to do videos in the dark now too which is pretty bad ass. lol the head bit if u will lol moves about and the leg bit too and im tottaly tottaly in love with this gorgeous creation.  lol i clearly dont need much

sorry about bad background just at moment its sitting on the floor cos i havnt found the perfect spot for it.