etsy updated

just thought i share my little updates on etsy . as have posted up some new exiting things on there so be sure to check it out.


newest prints

These are my latest 4 tone screen prints made . They are quite small as the pictures them selves the largest side is 9.5 cms. I just simply wanted try really small prints for change. I know its not tiny but I’m working on it .

time to do something

so as am finaly back its time to catch up and do something.  planed a bussy day for my self so should be  a good one. eed do some painting and bits too so see how that goes.  just need kill bit time till train and then be good to go.  will do bits of writing in train so just to type up when home so dnt waist any time.  but feel pretty good tbh.  makes a positive change 🙂


work to do

So just sitting here looking trough my sketchbook still bits to do . But I feel like I have come to something with this book so I thought I could share my book with all of you . Would that be interesting ? Its not the finished things but the ideas and stuff . Same ill be posting some of my essays too its just something I’d like to share . As I think they are some what good . Plus I been kind off key with posts cos been ill so I just thought I would share what been ocupying my mind 🙂

taking part in contests

as mentioned in previous post i have already sent out my aplication to 2 contests 1 is 1 i did last year in the mall galleries in lomdon only this time they do it electronicaly where last year they wanted the work accepted with like actually viewing it. but u know its still good stuff.  and i applied for british woman artist contest too wich seemed pretty straight forward as well.  i do feel good about taking part in these things its pretty interesting i just hate that some of them take like 15 pounds for a piece of artwork which is crazy.  just sitting here fingers crossed and waiting for the results hmmm. 

filth not faith project

just thought i share something i been working on in uni . as its been wile since i posted something about it . i just add one pic because im trying sort my art blog etc so ill post more about it and when all the sites are up etc. its kind part of the uni course but i think it kind pushed me to the right direction to actually get erm.. social lol

So yestrday was kind the final working day to get all work up for final assesment in my first year of uni just few bits to do including a mega essay and be finaly finished my first year and hopefuly in an ok grade too . Been quick year to be honest but well pleased do feel like I learned a lot new things to do for my own practice . So here is just 2 pics of both my final walls will do bit mor about it tommarrow as need go colect all my stuff till noon .