the christmas is coming


finally finally the christmas is on its way.  yes i am one of them people who go crazy about christmasses i mean im pretty much done and got everything i need for gifts and cards and what else not i even already got some sticker things for my window too i thought i do bit crafting this year see what i can make be mire creative etc.  overly exited as per usual its crazy lol

30 day random blog challenge day 17 what u want to be when you get older

I thought this 1 is a good one as can talk about the one day things . Day 17 what u wana be when you get older. Well at moment in that area I want to u know do the basics finish uni etc get a degree of some sort. And become a practising artist. And to make income at mean time I would like to be a shop owner . Pretty pants shop owner as let’s face it aint noting else be as good lol. I belive the saying what u think about u bring about . So I have one day wall with things I’d want to have and be I will make a little video about it as its inspireing and makes me want reach out for things . Its great more people should try it .

So wile being out and about today was pressured in to buying new perfume. As always being fan of dior I primary buy only dior perfumes I dnt buy then that often as even little bottles seem to last forever . Today I bought dior adict . The new one . Some time ago I had the original one too definitely lots lots diferent than the one I got today. I got the sweet version of the perfume or the pink one . As always have been fan of the sweet sents . The 50 ml bottle cost me 52 pounds in boots . And I got a little mini set as a gift for it it consisted with a mini lipstick in nr 578 it looks pretty bright red but when put on it was lots more lighter and a little mini bottle of 1 the other dior addict perfumes it seemed more sour sented . Well happy about this unexpected buy but think it is well worth the money as the perfume stays on long meaning that there is no need to respray for long time. And well let’s face it its dior hehe u can’t be a ucg without ur dior lol

Being a goth for quite a wile now I know how it is to have a pressure to be normal and “fit in” even by the people who always suport u in it they still from time to time sugests to be some1 well normal. I dnt know how it is for other specific style people but to me specialy now when I have to wear uniform to work etc I feel under constant treath of losing my self and the style that I beyondly love and the 1 thing that’s truly mine. And must say its realy realy hard to keep going but I think that people should enjoy standing out and just being them selfs and simply showing that they are more than normal .

Just lying in bed watching supersize vs superskinny always look at the thin person and think wow if I’d be that thin I know its bad and stuff but always wondered in kind suprize that I havnt gone in ether under eating or over eating or bulimia or something cos of the paranoia in my head and the guilt that I feel when I hav some food like its ok if it something little but say if do have take away wich I have rarely I feel so guilty and horible after. Sometimes do try tell it to people that are close to me and in some sence really dnt get it people says that’s stupid just hav food . And I’m like no that’s nt going near my mouth. U know when u see them people in pictures and u see them being thin and stuff it do fEels good in sence knowing I’m at least close to it if notting else . Planing to sort some inspiration pictures for my oneday wall