10 steps for better hair

As finaly got my hair sorted today I did bit research to find best tips to have the hair stay in really good condition all the time . I found quite few ideas etc. So I put together this 10 steps for beautiful hair . Hope someone finds it usefull. 🙂 .

Step 1: start fresh. Cut the split ends the dead dry ends . Get rid of it all . I know u like your long hair but if its ends are looking like dry grass it aint a good look. And make it the starting point for keeping the hair in good condition and make it a habit to get the ends choped every 6 to 8 weeks specially if u do get split ends and very dry ends

Step 2: have a healthy diet and drink lots of water . Your diet heavily efects how your hair is and if your diet is as bad as mine with junk food and sodas and what else not just try cut it down at least a bit because your body will feel better and ur skin and ur hair look better too

Step 3: be gental when brush or comb ur hair. Take your time to get the tangles out not just rip them out in 1 swoop . Find the brush that pulls out the least hair and untangles the hair easier.

Step 4: use hair products for your hair type. If u have dry hair u can’t use shampoo for oily hair because it will make it worse .

Step 5: massage your scalp when puting in shampoo and conditioner . In my eyes it just makes my scalp feel like relaxed etc because the weight of my hair that it carries every day . Plus it just feels super nice hehe

Step 6: don’t wash your hair every day if possible. Because it will help your hair have the natural oils that helps to keep the hair healthy .

Step 7: cut down on heat. In my eyes this is the worst but cuting down on hairdryer and straighteners or curler thing or anything else you burn your hair with will improve their healthyness instantly . But if you do use heat devices make sure you use some sort of heat protection so its not as bad .

Step 8: cut down on color . This is what my hair dresser sugested that if you do use permanent colors try dying only the rutes. Every second time ( like if you just redye the hair ) so the ends are left as they are receiving less damage .

Step 9: re hydrate the hair. Use masks, conditioners and oils to get the hair all nice and hydrated so its lovely and shiny and soft

Step 10: be patient. Ur damaged hair won’t be in perfect shape in 1 day. It takes time to get the hair back in healty shape and if you do treat them well always the quicker it will happen

feeling chubby..

Just hate that feeling I get when I get dressed and I see that my tummy or backside is sticking out and nt in nice way . Like me for example I wear size 6 tops but my botom half is usualy size or 2 biger. It seems small but u know its allways how u as person feel . And I never felt proud of my body top half good to go bottom dear god no . So now as uni is starting ill be more bussy so won’t be able concentrate on food as much. I gona really start geting my self in the shape I want so I feel comfortable in it . In some way I always admired people who feel really good in their skin no matter what size or shape they are and I think that’s wht makes a person beautiful .cos if u feel good about ur self u get further cos u have 1 less thing on ur mind to worry about . Hate the fact that u go down the street or something and people say u look nice etc etc etc u say tnx but in heart u feel like ur just a big blob rolling down the street . So I thought with start of uni I gona try make it better and at least work out at evenings do them 100 sit ups and crunches for the better life we forgot about

so whats next? better life

So clothes all sorted so can feel better about my self in looks ways and stuff so that’s a step forward 🙂 . As feel well into this ruto of sorthing things . I’m trying sort the things that for long time ment go on ebay and stuff that were just sitting there and when nets back well the ruter is nt working then sort my etsy too as there is litterary notting on . But be sure still to check it out etsy.com/shop/disspossable. Feel like on such role tho like trying sort everything u know the little things matter even if its just sorting the house or doing some small ritual every day that makes just u smile where every1 else just point and laugh.

So closet finaly be cleared and cleaned from top to bottom oneday wall back in place to get me motivated again. So despite being super clumsy today lol sud seen me take on the little bit of carpet that’s in my closet lol hit my self in face and everything . I feel really good and positive and like notting can stop me . 🙂 woop woop 🙂 . Looks so nice makeing me feel nice def good start for that better life 🙂 x

Well working towards better life is great obvious but when ur an artist without inspiration it totaly sucks ass literary. Honestly been months since last picked up a brush and just painted something . Just dnt know what’s happening my mind feels just gone away somewhere but must say I do look forward to uni and geting back to work but same time its kind weird like why I dnt want pick up that pen and just draw something even got a new sketch book but just dnt know how to get the spirit back so def need work on something..

So was thinking first thing I should do is sort my self if 1 look good 1 feels good and does good things . So I thought I shall clear out my closet clear out clothes I dnt wear sell them get some pocket money in way too and get rid stuff to bring new and more exiting in. 🙂 def have way too much stuff lol but this is the way forward

better life

since went to latvia i feel like i had chance to think trough things that are happening in my life and in some sense look at them from different point and u know actually see the bad bits and the good not all mixed in big bobble called life . (keep getting distracted from writing this as think can smell gas.. nt good sign) so i decided i need work on the good stuff and make it even better ,u know make that one day list actually happen. become a somebody, a real person. so i thought i should start by sorting my self. work on my beauty routine health and fitness. as if one feels happy can make the rest the things go good too . first thing to do is well make a plan . bit by bit . yeah not every one make a plan to make a plan lol but thats erm my plan? and sort everything bit by bit and get that better life every one dreams of but not just as dreams but as my life 🙂