So finaly is time to get them hair sorted cos it looks like right mess. I got this superdrug own hairdye for change my mum was saying she loves the dye so as it was on sale I decided to try it out . I got it in permanent, midnight blue. As I always prefear the blue tones . Plus on pack it says 100% happines lol so this better look good . And as per usual some hand cream to cover the sides so they dnt get dyed . Feel pretty exited .

blossom tree (lights)

so its been for wile now i been wanting this blossom tree but i always found that they are bit expensive u know for lights that u only sometimes put on just like a room decor. but i saw this one in and i got it.  i got the medium one 150cm 1.  but dont be fooled its like the main tree bit thats 150 not including the branches.  i originaly inted to put it in the newly done spare room but i love it and i think it looks great next to my chair lol
hers some pics

nevermind my ugly feet in bottom lol. this is how it looks at every day basis i think its blending in well

just little close up with the flower bits.  be aware that when u get it u need put each of the little flowers on the lights.  thats pain in the backside but worth it

thats how it looks lighted up.  its super light and just brilliant

and yes if u lean towards it u get blinded lol. worth it.   this is how i finaly start my christmas spirit.  other things still to come 🙂

lets dye hair :)

Its that time again need sort hair so at least look ok for my bday I mean its been a wile and my hair looks pure tragic. I decided to go back to normal dye like not the foam one cos I think it was slowly but surely killing my hair so I went back to the 1 I used use all the time its this live color xxl 1 in cosmic blue 90. I think its brilliant color its black made from blue so its the way to go. I gona try make a better version of my sorting my hair video cos I think previous one sucked lol so vish me luck 😉