yes i am being a bussy bee today as put lots stuff on my webpage. managed to sort some paintings too. so here they are.

DSCF4588 DSCF4589 DSCF4592 DSCF4596 DSCF4604 DSCF4610 DSCF4621 DSCF4623 DSCF4626 DSCF4630 DSCF4636 DSCF4644 DSCF4647 DSCF4655 DSCF4660 DSCF4662 DSCF4665 DSCF4667 DSCF4669 DSCF4671 DSCF4672 DSCF4674 DSCF4744 DSCF4747 DSCF4756 DSCF4794 DSCF4854 DSCF4856 DSCF4857 DSCF4890 DSCF4895 DSCF5024

f it im blasting out the sauna belt

Ok yesterday I setped on the scale again and believe me I was not happy. I wanted to cry a little and yes I went and had a cokie cos I felt sad wich made it all even worse . But I’m taking action. I’m blasting out sauna belt. It have always been big help for me to feting back to good shape. And I’m wearing it all day today . As am working on my room moving about non stop too . So gets me sweating bit more . Did my everyday work out too . So feel pretty pleased . Sugested work out music ? Bloodhund gang lol no joke . So I’m trying to dance abot just them couple extra movements always helps. I will not lose out on good shapes this sumer . Must do even better than last year ! Feel pleased at moment must say 🙂

finaly some clearance about uni stuff

Finally on way home and well I was there .. There in the new building . Thought it looks bad from outside . Its even worse in inside no studios are set up so in sence can’t start on studio practical work till actualy they set up there is just 1 nice bit and its the corridor conecting 1 building to the other as its like all glass etc. I’m dreading to see print room as applied to the printing thing so dunno how and what . Just been thinking lately like for next year maybe I should go london. I def want to . But far till then. But now hearing all the bits about what we gona do trough the year in some bits it was yeah that sounds good like finding internship and aplying to open exibitions and stuff but just feels like its more about writing and papers rather than artwork it self which I found kind weird. I thought when 1 goes to studdy art one learns the practical skills of say painting or drawing or what ever else rather than write essays or propsals ar what else not but with out them we can’t even pass the course which is beyondly stupid and in some way makes no sence what so ever. Have my day improved . No. Do I want hide away in a tent made out of blankets like little kid ? Yes.