vo5 tame and shine heat defence spray first impressions

So just befor hairdressers I had some time to wonder about in town so I went into boots and got this vo5 tame and shine heat defence spray . If u seen my previous blog I did about another vo5 heat defence spray but I realised that the 1st one was only for wet hair and it makes ur hair nappy and just yuck if u use it for dry hair so I got this spray and made sure that its definitely for dry hair as I rarely blowdry my hair so I more need for dry hair as I straighten them dry . When spraid it feels like hairspray but like when u spray it in hair it just kind like disapiers and ur ready to take on the heat . Well looking forward to using it . 🙂

beautiful hair .

For wile now I have been wanting to sort my hair as it is total mess. The ends are so dry they look like dried out grass and if straighten them they just stand up by them selfs and def does not give me a good look so today I’m choping them off well hoping to get them choped off because I dnt hav apointment at hairdressers ill just go there and hope they are free. Lol as per usual . Later on will post up this good hair guide thing I found yestreday I thought kind oulined all the biits the right way and I just thought I share . I know ill miss my hair being this long but better shorter and looking nice and flowy than long and looking a mess . Talking about hair I’m thinking about geting some of the dread falls never hav actualy tried them out just wanted see how it looks maybe something good new and exiting 🙂 honestly I just want be proud of my hair again rather than looking tragic cos I used always get compliments how nice my hair is etc but now lol never to happen

getting them hair back in shape .

Its that time of the month again when its time to get the hair back in order as rutes are showing the hair just all fuzzy and everything in other words nt a look I’m going for lol to save the day I will use live color xxl 110 blueberry crush color foam permanent hair dye. Always use this one as for the amount of hair that’s on my head I need 2 boxes of normal dye where this 1 need only one so always sugest this to long hair people . After dyeing ill wash it like 2 times use normal conditioner at first and the one from dye pack at 2nd time my shampoo and conditioner is schwarzkopf supersoft havnt used these in forever so be nice change . But before 2nd wash to just give that extra protect for my hair ill use philip kingsley elasticizer pre shampoo treatment just to boost up the hairs and make them all soft and stuff. Then towel dry and use some bumble and bumble thickening hairspray to protect my hair from the heat od blowdryer and straighteners that will attack them last and hopefully after all this and 2h later ill be better looking lol