was such lazy ootd just thought trow some shorts and tshirt and and be good to go lol i think i look so sad i  this pic its crazy lol

another primark repertuar lol just casual going to galery and trough some shops outfit as was outside only for couple hours i think this did it

ootd: going shoping

Just little outfit of the day thought I share with the world as though look pretty good lol. So from top my lovely face lol . Used 1 them hair stick things to gether my hair it was gift to me years and years back. Then large spikes with a lock bought them from blackrose.co.uk. Jacket spin doctor bought from ebay . Longsleeve crop top with like a hole across chest from new look . Strap top and tights primark and skirt from cyber dog.

gothic ootd 2 . casual going to b&ms

I’d call this my take on jeans and over sized tshirt . As hate wearing clothes that r too big but the team satan shirt is 1 my all times favorite shirt got it from ebay . I’m pretty sure if you serch on ebay team satan shirt it will com up . I hav worn this so many times as its now streched and way too big . But love it too much . And have criminal damage red and black stripy trausers on they super comfy for just trowing on and going . Prob be my demonia platforms on and some spikes too . 🙂